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How to Fix SDcard Issue on KitKat

Today I'm going to show you How to Fix SDcard Issue on KitKat/Android4.4+. Android KitKat & lollipop brought very few interesting new features.I really appreciated some of them...and othes not so much. For example, One feature that not everyone(including me) is crazy about is the way SD Cards are now handled on Android devices, as user-installed applications are nolongerallowed to external storage by default.

Let's see the step to fix this.

 (Note: Root is primary key for this tricks to work. If your Phone isn't rooted, then check out Here How to Root)

Step 1: Download a file manager from Play-Store which have enabled "Root Access rights".I'll Suggest "Root Browser" or "Es Explorer" Then open the apps & give it the Root permission. I'm using "ES explorar Pro" which already have the root access.
Step 2: Go the /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml  this directory



Pokemon Go Android Hack – How to Detect Nearby Pokemons with PokeDetector App!

GPS Spoofing can be useful for those of you who cannot go outside or walk around for playing Pokemon Go at the comfort of your home.

Play Pokémon Go without Leaving House

Once I was serious Anime Lover. As long as I remembered, Pokémon was one of my favourite boyhood TV anime show. Pokémon abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monster. When Pokemon Go app was first launched, I was really excited to play