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How to Use ParanoidAndroid Settings/Hybrid Properties! [ParanoidAndroid ROM]

Go Launcher EX Review! [App of the Week]


So for this week, I’ve got the Go Launcher EX review, app of the week!  I’ve actually run into this launcher app as of this week and one of the features I LOVE about it is the fact that you can uninstall apps with ease, in fact you can just uninstall them in app drawer.


That’s one of the features I like plus you can install cool custom widgets that allow you to see how much RAM your phone is using in real-time plus close apps at the touch of your fingertips.

The best part?  The app is absolutely free and I love this app.  For appoholics out there who need to better manage their slew of apps on their Android smartphone, this is the best launcher out there.

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