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How to Use ParanoidAndroid Settings/Hybrid Properties! [ParanoidAndroid ROM]

Grand Theft Auto 3 Coming to Android Devices Soon!

Today’s a great day to get high on Android games as Duke Nukem 3D is coming to Android and you know what, there’s more. Grand Theft Auto 3 is coming to Android devices too. I remember playing this bad boy on my PS2 long time ago, I never got addicted because I am usually too lazy turn on my Playstation, nevermind any kind of game consoles.

Well, if it comes to Android, I will be definitely livin’ it up again, perhaps I will got jack some cars on my free time while I wait for kids at the mall. I find playing games on Android devices much more enjoyable, mostly because you can make calls, browse the web, and play games on the go.

Will you be playing Grand Theft Auto 3 when it comes out?