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SPB Shell 3D Launcher Review – Android App of the Week!




Looking for a really cool and hip way to turn your phone’s UI into 3D?  Well, SPB Shell 3D launcher app is probably the best on the market right now for that, it turns all your home screens into 3D objects, which you can scroll at the tip of your fingers plus lots of other 3D animations on certain widgets.


The SPB Shell 3D app basically turns your phone into a 3D phone and comes with SPB native widgets that are pretty cool.

For those of you who want the best of the best, the SPB Shell 3D launcher could be it.  The only downside to this app?  It costs $14.95, quite expensive if you ask me, I think they would sell a ton more if they priced it around $4.95.

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For those of you who have already been using it, what do you think of it?