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HTC One X Review!

HTC One X is a pretty darn good phone, the fastest Android smartphone (as of this video) with a quad-core Tegra 3 (or dual-core Qualcomm S4 for U.S. versions).

Great camera for photos, continuous shooting mode at 4fps, lots of tweaking like vignette and other lenses supported. Best camera on smartphone yet for still photos, there’s no doubt about that. Also great for taking action shots with its continuous mode.

Fastest smartphone on the market right now.

Battery life? I miss my Galaxy Note already, just charged One X twice today while my Note is still on charge from yesterday.

Overall, still the best smartphone on the market right now, great design, a great upgrade to the original HTC Nexus One, which was the Android phone that started everything in the first place.

1080P Video Test with HTC One X:

1080P Video Test #2: