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Nexus 7 Unboxing!

Although I didn’t go to Google IO this year (I probably never will as I don’t like going to shows anymore), I had the chance to “de-virginize” a brand, spanking new Nexus 7 Android tablet on the day it was released thanks to CruzerLite CEO Joel, who allowed me to do the unboxing. (Thanks a ton Joel!)

Personally, I’ve been sort of staying away from tablets as of lately (as my Galaxy Note does everything a tablet can and more) but the new Nexus 7 is indeed pretty impressive with Jelly Bean Android OS loaded onto it.

Time will tell whether Nexus 7 will be a big hit or not but from what I’ve seen and the killer $199 price for a Tegra 3 quad-core tablet device, it’s certainly going to be one of the best tablet deals of the century until Kindle Fire 2 comes out.

What do you think? Is this a killer tablet?