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Galaxy Note 2 UNBOXING!

After months of wait, Galaxy Note 2 has finally arrived!  Of course, U.S. variants will also be here soon in November but in the meanwhile, I got my hands on one of the international GT-N7100 models.

The latest Galaxy Note 2 in my personal opinion is the best smartphone on the market right now, topping it with 1.6Ghz Exynos Quad-core processor, a whopping 5.5-inch Full 720P HD screen, whole lot of goodies including S-Pen, NFC, S-Beam, and a ton more.

For previous original Galaxy Note owners like myself, the Galaxy Note 2 is just an awesome upgrade version with better processor, better/larger screen, and better S-Pen functionalities.

The Galaxy Note 2 comes packed with the latest Note 2 Gallery app, which gives you a ton of features like hover-replay (although I haven’t figured out how to do it yet), 3D scrolling, and even syncs flawlessly with Google Picasa albums (which I use for storing my photos online, it did take around 24 hours to sync all my terabytes of photos/videos though).

The larger Galaxy Note 2’s 5.5-inch screen is slightly narrower but taller than the original Galaxy Note 1.  Even though the resolution is less at 1280×728 pixels for Note 2 instead of 1280×800 pixels on Note 1, you do get a bit more real estate in viewing websites due to its larger screen size.

And the screen itself?  Resolution is overrated, the Note 2 clearly shows more clearer/vibrant colors over the original Note 1 as the new Note 2 possesses power of Super AMOLED screen over Note 1’s pentile display.

Overall, you can expect a super-fast smartphone that can do everything including phone calls, web browsing, HD games, and even take notes.

Some of highlights of the new Note 2:

  • The speakers have also been upgraded to a larger speaker.  It was loud last year on Note 1, it’s even LOUDER now.

  • Quad-core Exynos 1.6Ghz is impressive, it’s the fastest smartphone CPU on the market.

  • Camera/Camcorder is flawless – Note 2 takes great photos, and 1080P HD camcorder is probably the best on market right now.

  • Battery life – Note 1 has really great battery life with 2500mAh battery, Note 2 has been upgraded to 3100mAh battery, getting full 2-days of normal usage on Note 2 is easy plus battery is removable for literally unlimited smartphone time.

  • S-Pen – S-Pen sensitivity has been improved from 256 points to 1024 points, much more accurate than last year plus the 1.6Ghz quad-core processor brings flawless experience.

Still not convinced?

Well, you gotta try one in person, you will realize the Note 2 is the smartphone of the year. Easily beats everything else on the market that was intro-ed in 2012.