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How to Use ParanoidAndroid Settings/Hybrid Properties! [ParanoidAndroid ROM]

How to Fix Play Store Error

For those of you having some trouble with your Play Store such as Play Store force closing or giving you an error when downloading/installing/purchasing new apps, here’s a simple way to reset Play Store data and make it work again.

Some error messages you might be getting are like, “Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped.”, “Error processing purchase”, or similar error messages.

So, let’s try fixing it by clearing data in Application Settings.

Step 1. Go to Settings and go to either “Application manager” or “Apps”.  This may differ slightly depending on the type of Android smartphone/tablet you have


Step 2. Select the “ALL” tab and find “Google Play Store”.


Step 3. Press on “Clear data”, “Clear cache”, then “Force stop”, in that order.


Step 4. Open Play Store and you should be welcomed with Google Play terms of service pop-up window.  After that your Play Store should work nicely.  This will work on pretty much any Android device, for both rooted and not rooted.