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How to Use ParanoidAndroid Settings/Hybrid Properties! [ParanoidAndroid ROM]

Floating Notifications App for Android

Well, there’s these things called “floating” notifications app, which have been floating around lately.

Of course, before we get into this app, let’s give full credit to the ParanoidAndroid ROM Team, who invented the floating notifications with its HALO feature.  Applause

Now, with this floating notification app, you don’t need a rooted Android device nor install ParanoidAndroid ROM.   This isn’t exactly identical to ParanoidAndroid ROM’s HALO feature (as it doesn’t overlay app) but it still is very useful I think.

With the floating notification app, you will be able to easily see your notification pop up in little circles while you are browsing the web, playing games, etc…etc…  The beauty of this app is that you will be able to easily see your notifications and get to them without doing redundant swipes over your status bar.

This app will support any apps that do push notifications such as your SMS Messaging app, GMail, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc…etc…

*Note – This app is still in its “alpha” stages, there may be bugs but should get better as we go along.

Once you use floating notification app, you will never go back.


Here’s how to install floating notification app on any Android device, no root required.

Step 1. Download and install the Floating Notifications APK file, this will install the app.

Download Floating Notification APK on XDA


Step 2. Once downloaded, click on it to install.


If you get “Install blocked” errors, hit “Settings”.


Then make sure “Unknown sources” is checked ON.


Use a file manager app like ES File Exporer to re-open the APK file you downloaded and install it.floating-notifications-6-690x374

Step 3. Go into Settings->Accessibility on your phone and make sure “Floating Notifications” is checked ON.


Step 4. You should now see a floating notification circle somewhere on your Android device.


Step 5. Open the actual floating notification app and you can turn on any apps you want to enable notifications such as your Google+, Facebook, Twitter, GMail, Messaging, etc…


Step 6. Once that’s done, you should start receiving floating notifications from the apps you’ve selected.

Enjoy and don’t forget to get your friends high on Android with this app!