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Galaxy S4 DROP TEST with a Case

You all probably seen many Galaxy S4 drop tests on YouTube and while they entertain you with completely broken screens, they do not show you anything. I know all of these guys are doing drop tests do generate millions of views but seriously does that show you ANYTHING?droptest-690x400

If you drop any of latest smartphones without a case on cement ground enough times, it’s going to break the screen eventually.

Well, I thought it would be a good idea to actually do a drop test with a case since that would actually show you how a case can protect your phone.

For this drop test, I decided to use CruzerLite’s latest Bugdroid Exo cases, which are double-layers and supposed to protect your Galaxy S4 from hard drops onto the cement ground.

In the end, the Bugdroid Exo case held up pretty darn good here and I was rather surprised to find my Galaxy S4 screen perfectly in tact, with just minor scratches in the corner where I forgot to put the case on completely. Also, let me point out I actually did TWO drop tests, the one you see is the second take I did due to bad camera angle and yes, my phone survived both drop test.