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How to Use ParanoidAndroid Settings/Hybrid Properties! [ParanoidAndroid ROM]


Need Xposed for your Android with Marshmallow?  You can install Xposed on any rooted Android device running the latest Android 6.0 or 6.0.1.

For older Android 5.0, 5.1, 5.1.1 Lollipop, see our Xposed for Lollipop page instead.

Download Xposed Installer APK

You can use the standard Xposed Installer APK and Xposed zip file for all rooted Android devices except Samsung TouchWiz.

Note: If you are running AOSP ROMs such as CM13 on your Samsung device, please use the Non-Samsung/AOSP version below!

Framework Download for Non-Samsung/AOSP ROMs

Download for ARM (for most older Android devices like Nexus 4/5/6, Note 2/3/4, S2/S3/S4/S5, HTC One M7/M8)

Download ARM Uninstaller

Download for ARM64 (for newer devices like Nexus 6P, HTC 10, LG G5, etc…)

Download ARM64 Uninstaller

Download for x86 (for Intel-based devices like Zenfone 2)

Download x86 Uninstaller

Framework Download for Samsung Touchwiz ROMs

Download for ARM (for most older Android Note 2/3/4, S2/S3/S4/S5)

Download for ARM Alternative (If you end up in a bootloop using one above on Note 4 or Note Edge, try this one)

Download for ARM64 (for newer devices like S6, S7, Note 5, S6 Edge+)

Download ARM/ARM64 Uninstaller

Credits – Official, Samsung Unofficial